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AffiliateShop Advanced Features

The latest AffiliateShop v6 software boasts of many advanced features and tools that will serve to give you a competitive edge over other merchants. These set of advanced tools and features allow for the implementation of very customizable and attractive affiliate marketing model and countless ways to offer a more co-branded feel to the AffiliateShop account.

Below is a list of the Advanced features and tools you can make use of:

  1. Advanced Keywords: Pending sales, Subscriptions, Accumulated Transactions and Tiered Tracking.
  2. FlexiLink: Using your domain as the affiliate link.
  3. Generic Tracking: More power for your affiliates marketing efforts.
  4. Search Box: for Affiliate WebSite Tracking.
  5. 2 Tier Affiliate Recruitment Tracking
  6. Advertising ROI Tracking: track the performances of other marketing campaigns.
  7. Smart Track Reports: Download your graphs, and view detailed Drill-down Reporting.
  8. Self Replicating Page: Let your affiliates have their own landing page on your site.
  9. Transaction API: Perform automated back end transactions.
  10. Host own Banner Page

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