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Affiliates Manage

Management of banners, pending and subscription payments, and commission deletion.

  1. Banner
  2. Pending Sales
  3. Comm Delete
  4. Subscriptions

1: Banner

You can add various banners for your affiliates here. Banners are needed by your affiliates to adverstise your goods and services.

You can read in-depth instructions on Banner Creation
(Table of Content >> Basic Features >> Banner Creation).

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2: Pending Sales

Using Keywords, you can create Pending Sales commission models, where your commission would not be charged to the affiliate until you have approved the sale.

Thus, you can manage all your pending sale commissions for all your affiliates here.

The default page for management is a single action page, where you can approve or decline a pending sale individually. Or, you can click on "Multi Select Page" to perform mass approval/declines.

When you approve a pending sale, it is changed to a normal commission sale, and is assigned to the affiliate who made it.

When you decline a pending sale, the record is deleted.

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3: Comm Delete

AffiliateShop allows you to delete all commissions that are related to a cancelled or fraudulent order. In Commission Delete, you can search all commissions by order IDs.

Enter the invalid order IDs, and AffiliateShop will return a list of commissions that have that orderID. Click "Delete" after you have confirmed the list of commissions to be deleted.

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4: Subscriptions

Subscriptions, or Recurring Commissions, can be created via AffiliateShop's powerful Keyword Concept. You can manage all your subscriptions here.

You can delete any subscription individually via the "wastebin" icon, or you can perform a mass deletion via the "Multi Select Page".

The "Commission Per Credit" can be easily changed for each subscription. Just select the subsciption and click on the commission.

Clicking on "Credit all Backdated Subscriptions" will check all subscriptions and create new commission payments based on the current date and the subscription's "Next Credit Date".

AffiliateShop allows you to manually "Add New Subscription". A new pane appears.

You can select which affiliate to assign the subscription to, and to use which subscription keyword.
* Note: You MUST have a subscription keyword already created.

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