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Affiliates Settings

Set various information for your affiliates.

  1. Default Redirect URL: Setting the Default URL for all your affiliates.
  2. Affiliate Signup Link: Obtaining the AffiliateShop's default Affiliate signup Link for your Affiliate Program.
  3. Merchant Messages: Add announcements for your affiliates.

1: Default Redirect URL

Default Redirect URL edited here is applied to any new Affiliate that is approved by you. This is the url that CUSTOMERS are redirected to AFTER they click on an AffiliateShop link on the affiliate's site IF a banner is not provided.

Refer to the Banners concept of AffiliateShop.

Click on the url to enter a new url. If checkbox is ticked, the change will NOT be applied to current affiliates. Thus, only new affiliates that signed up after the change will be affected.

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3: Merchant Messages

Any message that is added here will be displayed when your affiliates log into their Affiliate Account. It is a good place for you to spread information, promotions, announcements to all your affiliates.

A list of messages you have entered before is displayed here. Clicking on the wastebin icon will delete the message.

A new message pane appears when "Add A New Message" is clicked. Enter your new message and save.

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