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Affiliate Management

AffiliateShop has a very powerful and flexible set of Affiliate Management tools. Using these tools, you will be able to manage almost every aspects of your affiliates, such as adding new affiliates, paying affiliates and so on.

To manage your affiliates, go to "affiliate" in the menu, or "affiliate" >> "view".

The Affiliate Management page is seperated into 3 areas.

  1. Search pane: Filter through all your affiliates.
  2. Affiliate pane: Edit, View and Pay your affiliates.
  3. Tools pane: Perform mass actions on your affiliates.

The list of Affiliate Management tools available under AffiliateShop is as follows:

Viewing your Affiliates

Affiliate Management allows quick and easy viewing of all your affiliates.
In the Affiliates pane, you can quickly view all affiliates via 5 statuses:

  1. Active: affiliates that are able to generate clicks and sales.
  2. Inactive: affiliates that are disabled. Their accounts would not generate any clicks and sales.
  3. Pending: new affiliates that are awaiting your approval or decline.
  4. Deleted: affiliates that would have all their records deleted.
  5. All: all your affiliates regardless of their status.

This returns a list of pending affiliates.
You can perform 3 actions for pending affiliates:

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Searching your Affiliates

Sometimes you may want to search for an affiliate based upon his email address or his name.

Or you want to see all your affiliates that belong to a certain profile (Industry Type).

Other times, you may want to search for the affiliate credited with a certain sale in order.

You can do all these via the Search pane located at the top of the page.

This returns a list of matching affiliates in the Affiliates pane below.
* Note: when searching by web profile, each field in the search is added as an "AND" search. Thus, leave more fields blank for better search result.

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Approving and Declining new Affiliates

Just in case you are not aware

You should direct your new affiliates to your Affiliate Program Sign Up form via the URL below:

where ###### is your six digit AffiliateShop WID number.

Click "Pending" in "Search Affiliates by Status".

This returns a list of pending affiliates.
You can perform 3 actions for pending affiliates:

  1. Mail
  2. Approve
  3. Decline

You can check the boxes of the affiliates that you want to select for your action, or click "Select ALL displayed affiliates" in the Tools pane to select all.

Select action (Mail, Approve, Decline) listed in the bottom section of the Tools pane and click "Proceed".

A corresponding email template to your selected action will appear, and when "Proceed" is clicked, the mail will be sent, together with the action that you want to be performed.

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Enabling, Disabling and Deleting Affiliates

The steps for Enabling, Disabling and Deleting Affiliates are the same as approving or declining new affiliates. Just select a different action after specifying the affiliates.

A point to note is the status of the affiliates for each action.
As specified above, Approve and Decline can only be applied to affiliates with "Pending" status.

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Customize individual Affiliates

When an affiliate signs up for your affiliate program, certain parameters from your affiliate program are adopted by them.

These various parameters can be changed for an individual affiliate.

First, obtain the list of affilates that you want to edit in the Affiliates pane.

1: To edit Cookie Lifespan, Redirect URL and Custom Field, click on the affiliate's "AID".

2: To edit individual keywords, click on the affiliate's "Parameter".

Clicking on AID

A seperate pane will appear that will show some details about the selected affiliate. At the bottom, you can edit the 3 fields for that particular affiliate.

Clicking on Parameter

A seperate pane will appear that will show the keywords of the selected affiliate. Apply the same keyword concepts as to your own keywords.

* Note:

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Grouping your Affiliates

You can now group your affiliates accordingly to your needs. To start, you need to first create your Affiliate Groupings. You can do this under 'Affiliates' >> 'Settings'.

Under Affiliate Groups, you are able to add new groups, and edit / delete existing ones. Any changes made here will automatically be reflected.

Once the Affiliate Groups have been created, there will be the additional drop down menus displayed when you view your affiliates ('Affiliates' >> 'View')

To view affiliates by their Affiliate Groups, check the check box and select the Affiliate Group name needed, before performing a search. 'No Affiliate Groups' is a default selection where affiliates NOT assigned to any group would be returned.

In the 'Tools' section, actions can be applied to all the affiliates in an Affiliate Group.

You can assign the affiliates to the Affiliate Groups that you created via the left column 'Action'. You are also able to apply existing actions to the Affiliate Groups using the new right column Grouping.

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