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The AffiliateShop Advantage

There is no doubt that technology is advancing so rapidly that many software companies are left behind, often too contented with what they had created. The end result is that they have failed to bring the technology to meet evolving business needs in a timely manner.

The Technology

In order to allow AffiliateShop to evolve as rapidly as the affiliate marketing or pay-for-performance marketing model, our R&D team has designed and built our AffiliateShop architecture on a modular architecture. Think of an architecture as the blueprint of a software. A good architecture ensures greater scalability, rapid time-to-deployment  and the ability to translate cost-savings to the users.

AffiliateShop v5 was built on a Modular architecture. The advantages are many. During the AffiliateShop v5 launch phase, there was a rapid introduction of many new and exciting features. Many of our merchants had commented that they were not able to catch up with the many new features launched, in a positive note. How did we do it? The architecture is the answer.

AffiliateShop's Modular architecture allow us to reuse existing modules (or code segments) without having to waste time creating modules which had previously being created. This architecture allows us to introduce new features at a dizzying pace, often earlier than our projected deadlines.

And the advantage to our merchants is that our AffiliateShop service is always in check with the latest affiliate marketing trends and developments. Whenever there is a new requirement or marketing need, our R&D team will be at work to implement the feature. Whereas other software companies may take months to release a set of features, our AffiliateShop architecture allows us to launch a feature within days if not, weeks.

The Environment

Our AffiliateShop service runs on proven commercial technologies. AffiliateShop used the latest Allaire Coldfusion v5.0 application server and Microsoft SQL Server 2000. Both of these technologies are used by many web sites demanding mission-critical performance. They are expensive. But, our company believes in building a good foundation for our service. 

Furthermore, we have a wide array of stringent standards required by ASPs (Application Service Providers) such as:

The Company

While there are many affiliate software vendors available, not many are profitable. This gives a greater uncertainty to their continuity of their businesses. AffiliateShop is produced by Pendulab Pte Ltd. Pendulab is a profitable software company. And this is why we can continuously invest in our software R&D and hardware. It is certain that a customer will feel more "secure" with a profitable company than one that is not.

The People

When you choose AffiliateShop, not only have you chosen the best affiliate software ever created but more importantly, you have chosen a team of dedicated staff that will provide you with an exceptional customer service experience coupled with an extremely talented Research and Development team. Our R&D team comes from the top 10% of the university cohort. We employ the best to give you the best.

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