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You can edit certain AffiliateShop's pages to match your own website's color template.

  1. Use AffiliteShop's default table frame colors for your Affiliate Signup Form. Unchecking this (i.e., using your own table colors, will show part 3, where you can configure the colors.

  2. Add your own banner at the top of your Affiliate Signup Form. Leaving it blank will disable this feature.

  3. Will be shown only when part 1 is unchecked. Enter Hexadecimal colors to each part you want to configure.

  4. AffiliateShop allows you to enter your banner page url. When your affiliates see the banner page in their Affiliate Account Center, they will see this url instead of AffiliateShop's default banner page.

  5. Enter the color of the background of your affiliate's Affiliate Account Center.

  6. You can preview your changes to the Affiliate Signup Form here.

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