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Once you have logged into your webmaster account in AffiliateShop, the Dashboard would be the first screen you encounter.

Here, you can view all the important information in AffiliateShop.

  1. Main User Account: Access main user account.
  2. Quick Start: Quick start guide, basic things to be done to use AffiliateShop.
  3. Admin Messages: Read annoucements from the AffiliateShop Admin team.
  4. New Affiliate Applications: View new affiliate applications to your affiliate program. Feature Removed.
  5. Quick Statistics: View statistics about your sales, commissions etc based on current month, week and day.
  6. Quick Affiliates: View commissions earned, sales made and clicks for each individual affiliates.

1: Main User Account

You can access your main user account from the dashboard. In it, u can view and access multiple webmaster and affiliate accounts in AffiliateShop, all sharing the same password.

  1. View your multiple webmaster and affiliate accounts (if any). You can also log into any account from here (* if account is active, login option will be displayed).
  2. View and edit your account information, i.e., main email, password. This data is shared among all your webmaster and affiliate accounts.
  3. When you click 'View' in part 1, you can see brief information about that account here.

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2: Quick Start

A step by step guide to get your AffiliateShop webmaster account started.

This guide is similar to the Merchant Quick Start described earlier in this Primer.

To save screen real estate, you can hide this by toggling the check box in Webmaster Settings' General.

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5: Quick Statistics

Select the date range of your statistics, i.e., Current Month, Current Week and Today.
There are 4 types of statistics you can view.
  1. Commissions given: The amount of commissions that you have given out to your affiliates within specified date range.
  2. Sales amount: The amount of sales from your website you made through all your affiliates within specified date range.
  3. Earnings per click: The amount of sales you made from each click to your website from your affiliates within specified date range.
  4. Conversion rate: The percentage of people that have made a buy from your website when brought there by your affiliates within specified date range.

Clicking on the magnifying glass on each type would refresh the graph on the right, which compares the current date specified with the previous date range.
E.g., Current date range is 1st March 2007 to 26th March 2007.
Previous would be 1st Feb 2007 to 26th Feb 2007.

The default graph will always be "Sales Amount".

At the bottom, "Latest Click" displays the time/date of the latest click from the stated affiliate.
"Latest Sale" would display the last sale from your website by a customer that was brought there from the stated affiliate.

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6: Quick Affiliates

You can view individual affiliate's performance over a specified date range. Select the particular affiliate and the period and click "View".

If you have a large affiliate base, you can also filter your affiliate list. Click on "Filter" and filter by your affiliate's particulars (e.g., email, url, address) or by a certain OrderID.

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