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AffiliateShop DataFeed

AffiliateShop's DataFeed feature provides dynamic display of your latest up-to-date product information on the affiliates' websites. The affiliates do not have to update your products' information manually. By ensuring an up-to-date product information, you can potentially increase sales on affiliates' websites.

This information consists of

  1. A small product image.
  2. Product name.
  3. A brief product description.
  4. A direct link to the product on the merchant site.
  5. Product price.
  6. Brief remarks for the product.

Affiliates need only copy/paste a simple iframe html code and paste it onto their sites. This iframe is totally customizable to allow the affiliates to seamlessly display the datafeed according to their website's display template.

The merchant is then able to change update information (e.g., price, product description) in AffiliateShop, and the changes will automatically propagate to all the affiliates' websites. Thus, the affiliates will always show up to date information on the merchant's products.

DataFeed Setup

AffiliateShop DataFeeds can be added in 'Tools' from the menu

in the 'Data Feed' Component.

  1. 'Create New Feed': Merchant can create a number of feeds based on the plan the merchant is in.
  2. 'View Existing Feed'
    In addition to viewing the created feeds, they can also be edited and deleted. When an edited feed is saved, the changes will be propagated to the affiliates automatically.

  3. 'View Your Data Feed Page': This brings up the Data Feed page which affiliates are able to access. This is similar to the banner page. Customization instructions for affiliates would also be displayed here.