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About the FlexiLink Option.

The FlexiLink option allows an affiliate's redirect code to contain the merchant's web site URL instead of the standard "". This option serves as a very powerful marketing tool for search engines who rank sites according to link popularity. It also enhances a branding for your affiliate marketing campaigns. FlexiLink can also be used for programmatic tracking like a search box function.

With FlexiLink, the affiliate's redirect code can be something like "".

How the FlexiLink option works

FlexiLink works by providing an interface for your scripts, hosted on your server, to send the Affiliate ID and other pertinent information to our script. Currently, an affiliate will copy a typical HTML banner code of the following similar content on the affiliate's web site:

<a href=""><img src="" border=0></a>

With the FlexiLink Option, the HTML banner code generated within the banner page will be something like:

<a href=""><img src="" border=0></a>

When a person clicks on the banner, your script,, will then generate the HTML content for the main page and activate our FlexiLink by either one of the following two options:

You can also pass the variable "GID" if you want to enable Generic Tracking. An example:

The above domain string, "" is a hypothetical example. In practice, the name of the script can vary and the mechanisms for logging incoming AID and BID values can vary as well. Other options include Server-Side Includes, other web-based programming languages such as Active Server Pages, Coldfusion, PHP and so on.

Configuring your links for FlexiLink

You can activate FlexiLink Option via the following methods:

Creating your own script

The next step will be to create your own script to embed the Flexilink code (like or main.asp as shown in the examples above). This job is best left to your web programmer or webmaster. AffiliateShop is able to provide free advice and support. However, if you require us to create a custom script, there will be a customization fee. Please understand that creating a script is on a case by case basis since not all page content are the same and each customization task requires substantial efforts from our development team.

Buying our standard template script

If you find it a hassle to create your own FlexiLink script, you can buy our FlexiLink template script, available in Perl and ASP (Active Server Pages), for US$50. Select the script version and click the buy now button below.