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First of all, we, the team at AffiliateShop, would like to thank you for choosing AffiliateShop to be the technology platform for running your ad tracking campaigns and affiliate program.

As part of our ever increasing zeal to offer better value for our customers and to enhance the communication aspect between our company and you, our valued merchant, we have decided to  launch this AffiliateShop Primer. The aim of this Primer is to give you a better understanding of our AffiliateShop technology and to explain how you can utilize the large number of features released under previous AffiliateShop initiatives. And with this knowledge, you will be better able to derive that competitive edge over other merchants by using AffiliateShop's ultra-flexible and comprehensive feature set.

This Primer will explain in details all of the basic and advanced features of the latest version of AffiliateShop. Ultimately, it will provide you with innovative affiliate marketing ideas by using some of AffiliateShop's advanced features.

AffiliateShop is currently at v10 (Version 10.0). The latest v10 is a result of our continuous cycle of listening to our merchants' affiliate marketing needs and to implement them whenever feasible.

We listen to you to bring you the best.

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