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Generic Tracking

About the Generic Tracking Tool.

The Generic Tracking Tool serves to provide your affiliates the tool to track and reward their associates or partners for helping to refer customers to your business. An example will clearly illustrate a typical use of the GenericTrack tool.

Let us say that you have an affiliate by the name of Tom. Tom runs his own web site selling car accessories. Tom has referred many customers to your site using the existing affiliate's redirect link generated by the AffiliateShop system. Now, Tom wants to focus on increasing the affiliate's commissions which he can earn from you. One of the ways is to setup a reciprocal link agreement with five other web sites, featuring automobile accessories. Tom agrees to pay or share his commissions earned if the customers was referred from any of these five sites. The best part is that these five web sites do not have to sign up as affiliates of your affiliate program. Tom simply passed to each of these automobile web sites his own affiliate redirect code appended with a Generic Track Identifier. Tom will be able to login to his Affiliate Account Center and view those commissions which were referred by any of these five automobile accessories sites.

Sounds simple? The Generic Tracking Tool presents a whole lot of flexibility to your affiliates in helping them to market your products and services by setting up win-win business relationships with their own associates.

Setting up for Generic Tracking

To ensure maximum flexibility for our merchants in crafting their own affiliate marketing strategy, this Generic Tracking instruction will only be made available to you. It is up to you, as our AffiliateShop merchant, to disclose the setup of the Generic Tracking tool to your affiliates.

Setting up the Generic Tracking Tool is extremely simple. There is no configuration to be done on your end. Simply append the following text to the affiliate redirect link: "GID=xxxxxxxx". Where "xxxxxxxx" is of type alphanumeric string with a maximum length of 30 characters. It is case sensitive. Hence, an example of a complete affiliate redirect link with Generic Tracking activated will be:


If you have enabled FlexiLink, the Generic Track identifier can still be appended to the flexilink code.

Viewing the Results of Generic Tracking (Merchants)

As a merchant, you may view the Generic Tracking Identifier that is tagged to each commission in the Commission Details page. To access the Commission Details page, please perform the following tasks:

Viewing the Results of Generic Tracking (Affiliates)

Your affiliate will be able to view the Generic Tracking Identifier tagged to each commission records in the Affiliate Account Center. Your affiliates will be able to view the commissions sorted by the Tracking Identifier.