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Hosting your own Banner Page

AffiliateShop allows you to host your own banner page should you not want to use our default Banner page. Our default banner page is available in the affiliate management account. If you choose to host your own banner page, you should configure the URL pointing to your own banner page in your AffiliateShop Webmaster Account.

Basically, there are 3 steps to follow to setup your own banner page.

Step I - Creating your own Banner Page.

Your Banner page needs to allow your affiliates to copy the HTML link code easily as shown in our default Banner page. The fastest way would be to view the HTML source for your default Banner page and pasting it into your banner page script. The URL for your own AffiliateShop generated Banner page is [your six digit WID number]&AID=[a six digit affiliate ID]

View the HTML source for your own AffiliateShop generated banner page. Paste it to a text file and save it as banner.asp (if your server runs ASP) or (if your server runs Perl) or banner.php (if your server runs PHP). Your banner file should read the affiliate ID value that AffiliateShop will embed in the URL string of your banner page in the Affiliate Management Account. Use the GET method to read the AID value.

Your banner script should read the AID value and insert it to the appropriate location in the link code.

E.g. of a code section in ASP


AffiliateID = Request.querystring("AID")


' Print out a sample affiliate link and embed the Affiliate ID

Please copy and paste the HTML link code below to help advertise our products:

<a href="<%=AffiliateID%>">Click here for fabulous deals</a>

Step II - Configuring your banner page URL in AffiliateShop

After you have uploaded your banner page, login to AffiliateShop and navigate to Branding.

There is a field that allows you to enter the location of your own custom Banner Page. Enter the full URL and include the variable representing the affiliate ID. For e.g.$AffiliateIDN$

Step III - Testing

Login as an affiliate. Look for the Banner Page link on the main Affiliate Account page. Click on it, AffiliateShop should bring you to:

* Note: and 123456 are just sample values.

Your banner page should load and display the link code containing the AID value for each banners.