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AffiliateShop PremierPay

PremierPay is a new service for AffiliateShop, which essentially reliefs merchants of the hassle of cutting checks and mailing payments for their affiliates.

PremierPay merchants must have their affiliates use a valid PayPal email address for them to be paid.

Select PremierPay from the drop down menu.

PremierPay Setup

Merchant Setup

  1. Click on checkbox to activate PremierPay account.
  2. Enter how and when the affiliates are paid.
  3. Remaining amount in the PremierPay Escrow Balance.
  4. Enter the amount top up needed, and click on "Top Up". You will be redirected to PayPal. Please follow the instructions to top up the Escrow Amount.

    After payment, you must redirect back to AffiliateShop from PayPal so that your Escrow Amount Balance will be refreshed with the new payment.

Affiliate Setup

When you have activated your merchant account to use PremierPay, all your affiliates would see a new component in their 'Settings' page. They will be required to enter a valid PayPal email address to accept payments from PremierPay.

You are able to view your affiliates according to whether they would like to be paid via PremierPay. In 'Affiliate' >> 'View' of your merchant account, 2 new statuses has been added:

  1. 'PremierPay'
  2. 'Non-PremierPay'

Escrow Balance

You can check your Escrow Balance History here.

Affiliate Payments

Depending on when you want your affiliates to be paid, AffiliateShop will begin a search of all your affiliates with qualifying commission threshold when the payment date arrives. 3 events will occur when you have affiliates to be paid.

Payment Process

PremierPay uses PayPal's MassPayment API to pay your affiliates. After you have approved the PremierPay transaction, AffiliateShop will implement MassPayment, and your transaction will be changed from 'Approved' to 'Processing'.

Successful payments
If all the payments are successfully paid, the following occurs:

  1. PremierPay transaction will be reset, awaiting the next round of payments.
  2. All payments paid will be deleted.
  3. Each affiliate who is paid will have a special Payment History created, with the PayPal txn_id (transaction id) reflected. This will provide an easy reference between the PayPal transaction and the affiliate who is paid.

Unsuccessful payments
There are many reasons for an unsuccessful payment, but one of the common causes is that the PayPal email that the affiliate provided is not a PayPal email. If any of the affiliates has an unsuccessful payment, the following occurs:

  1. PremierPay transaction status will remain as 'Processing', until all the payments are 'Completed'
  2. The PremierPay affiliates list will be updated with the PayPal txn_id, and also the status of each payment.

    For 'Unclaimed' payments, a PayPal email will be sent to that email address, and will be completed once the affiliate has signed up and claimed that money.
  3. For all payments that are 'Completed', the money has already been transferred into the affiliate's paypal account. The affiliate's payment would be deleted, and Payment History also created, just like the successful transaction above.

Terms and Conditions

  1. AffiliateShop will charge a fee of 20% of the commissions paid. This will be known as "Service Fee"
  2. Merchant must maintain a minimum of US$100 or 120% of the last 3 months average commission payment in the escrow account, whichever is higher.

  3. AffiliateShop reserves the right to suspend commission payment to Merchant's affiliates at anytime if the Merchant's escrow amount falls short of the total commissions to be paid in a single commission advice transaction and such state will be known as an "Account Default". AffiliateShop reserves the right to notify Merchant's affiliates of the reason for non-payment of affiliates' commissions without requiring Merchant's permission.
  4. This service does not bind Merchant's affiliates to the terms of PremierPay.

  5. AffiliateShop reserves the right to terminate the PremierPay service to Merchant in the event of Account Default and AffiliateShop will absolve itself of all obligations under the PremierPay service.
  6. Merchant must top up the escrow account within three calendar days for the amount stated in the payment request notice from AffiliateShop.notice from AffiliateShop. If Merchant fails to do so, AffiliateShop shall terminate its PremierPay service and without prejudice to clause 7 of this Terms and Conditions.

  7. Any outstanding amount in the Escrow Account, net of outstanding fees, will be refunded to Merchant only under the following conditions
    1. Merchant terminates his service with AffiliateShop and does not owe AffiliateShop any outstanding fees that may or may not be related to PremierPay; OR
    2. AffiliateShop terminates Merchant's account and verifies that Merchant does not owe AffiliateShop any outstanding fees; OR
    3. AffiliateShop terminates the PremierPay service offering under the AffiliateShop service.
  8. AffiliateShop reserves the right to deduct from Merchant's Escrow Account any fees owed by Merchant that may or may not be related to PremierPay.

  9. AffiliateShop reserves the right to change the Service Fee at anytime with a three month notice.
  10. AffiliateShop may terminate the PremierPay service at anytime with a one month notice to Merchants who sign up for the PremierPay service. Upon termination, AffiliateShop is not liable to Merchants for any future loss of profits, revenue, goodwill and productivity.

  11. Top up amount to the Escrow Account is net of all PayPal fees.