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New Merchant Quick Start

This Quick Start guide aims to get new merchants who just joined AffiliateShop to jumpstart their new affiliate programs with the basic features and configuration. The merchants can opt to explore the list of Basic and Advanced features after their affiliate programs are up and running.

There are five steps to jumpstarting your new affiliate program.

  1. Define your commissions using the keyword system
  2. Integrating your AffiliateShop sale tracking code
  3. Creating your Banner Page
  4. Creating your Affiliate Program Description web pages
  5. Testing the Integration process conducted in Step 2 above.

Step 1: Commission Definition

AffiliateShop implements your tracking and commission model via the Keyword concept. When you signup for a new AffiliateShop Merchant account, a default "click" keyword is created for you. This is to help you track and monitor clicks.

You can read in-depth instructions on Keyword Creation
(Table of Content >> Basic Features >> Keyword Concept) before proceeding to the next step.

Step 2: Code Integration

You need to integrate AffiliateShop's codes for it to track all your sales and commissions. This will depend if you have access to your own shopping cart/payment processing scripts, or you use a third party shopping cart.

You have your own shopping cart script

If you have your own custom shopping cart script, your next step will involve integrating AffiliateShop's tracking codes into your shopping cart or payment processing scripts.

Using the keywords (commission models) created in the previous step, read the in-depth instructions on Integrating Tracking Codes
(Table of Content >> Basic Features >> Integrating Tracking Codes).

Third Party Shopping cart

This step entails the configuration of your AffiliateShop account coupled with the integration of the AffiliateShop sale tracking code into your third party shopping cart or payment processing software system.

As there are many third party shopping cart solutions, this Quick Start guide will provide instructions on contacting the AffiliateShop team to get this Step done for you. Depending on the solution type used on your web site, our AffiliateShop team will provide you with the necessary instructions.

Simply send an email to with the following information:

Step 3: Banner Creation

After you have completed Step 2 (if you have access to your own scripts), or waiting for integeration (might take 1-2 days), you can move ahead with the creation of your Banner Page. AffiliateShop has its own Banner Generation Tool located within your AffiliateShop Webmaster Account.

To access the Banner Generation Tool, please log into your AffiliateShop Webmaster Account. In the top right menu bar, go to "affiliate => Management => Banner".

You can read in-depth instructions on Banner Creation
(Table of Content >> Basic Features >> Banner Creation) before proceeding to the next step.

Step 4: Creating your Affiliate Program Description web pages

After you have completed the setup of your banner page, the next step is to create HTML pages that will describe your affiliate program to new affiliates. These HTML pages should describe things like:

Step 5: Testing Integration Process

After the integration is completed, you need to test that the sale is tracked correctly, i.e., that sale referred by one of your affiliate is tracked by the AffiliateShop system. This step must be completed prior to launching your new affiliate program.
* You might want to familiarize on the features of AffiliateShop before performing the below steps.

  1. Make sure that your Default Redirect Url is set to your purchasing webpage.
    * if not already done so
  2. Sign up as an affiliate, if you have not already done so. The URL for your Affiliate Program Registration form is

    where ###### is your six digit WID number.

    *You can use your existing user account (same email and password) to create a new affiliate.

  3. Login to your Webmaster Account and approve your own affiliate application.
  4. Make sure that your Webmaster Account accepts invalid HTTP referrals.
    • Click on your Webmaster Account's settings.
    • Click on edit for the Merchant Account.
    • Uncheck "Validate HTTP Referral" and save.
  5. Type the following into the browser location bar (your affiliate redirect URL):

    where ###### is the new six digit number for your affiliate application.

    After hitting enter, you should be redirected to your purchasing webpage.

  6. Now, make a purchase.
  7. At the Order Receipt page, please do the following:
    • Right Click on the page and select View Source from the pop up menu.
    • Copy the entire HTML code and send the code to
    • Check the browser to see if the Order Receipt page is still on SSL.
    You can check this by seeing if an image of a lock appears at the bottom of the browser window.
  8. Login to your own affiliate account. You should see a commission being credited.

After completing the four steps above, you are ready to launch your new affiliate program. We do recommend that you read the AffiliateShop documentation as well as this AffiliateShop Primer to better understand the capabilities of our AffiliateShop software.

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