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Smart Track Reports

The SmartTrack Reporting tool allows you to derive valuable performance metrics regarding your affiliate program.
You can select between graphical and tabular reports.


By default, you can select graphical reports. The reports generated are .png files, allowing you to download and copy into your own PCs for your own recording purposes.

These metrics can be classified into the following categories:

  1. Displaying total revenues derived from your affiliates' referrals (customers).
  2. Displaying total commissions earned by your affiliates.
  3. Displaying number of sale generated by your affiliates' traffic.
  4. Displaying number of sale generated by each of your banner.

These reports can be filtered by the following variables:

  1. Interval of the reports - day, week or month.
  2. Period for which report is to be generated.

Smart Track Reports allows you to filter particular Affiliates for comparison purposes. By filling in the optional "Affiliate AID", Smart Track Reports would only display data from the entered Affiliates.

You can easily switch to Tabular graphs via "Switch to tabular reports".

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