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You configure your webmaster account in Settings. There are 2 main sub-sections in Settings.

General Comm Setup


  1. User Details: You can view your user account information. If you want to change your user details, you will be brought to the Main User Account Page.
  2. Mail Templates: Edit the various mail templates used in the application.

    Clicking on each template will bring out a seperate pane for editing. Read in-depth instructions on Mail Templates
    (Table of Content >> Basic Features >> Mail Templates).

  3. Sub Accounts: You can now generate many sub accounts for your marketing team, all using your main webmaster account.

    Read the in-depth instructions on Sub Accounts
    (Table of Content >> Advanced Features >> Sub Accounts).

  4. Merchant Account, or Webmaster Account: Edit your webmaster account here.

    Read the in-depth instructions on Webmaster Settings
    (Table of Content >> Basic Features >> Webmaster Settings).

Comm Setup

  1. Commission Setup, or Keyword Management: You can setup your commission models here via keyword creation.

    You can read in-depth instructions on Keyword Creation
    (Table of Content >> Basic Features >> Keyword Concept).

  2. Show Quick Start: You can hide the Dashboard's New Customer Quick Start guide here, to save screen real estate. Just click on the checkbox once to check and uncheck the option.
  3. Transaction Tracking Instructions: This generates sample code as an example for you to add AffiliateShop's Transaction codes, if you have access to your own Shopping Cart Scripts.

    Read the in-depth instructions on Integrating Tracking Codes
    (Table of Content >> Basic Features >> Integrating Tracking Codes).

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