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Self Replicating Page (SRP)

The Self Replicating Page (SRP for short) feature is a powerful marketing mechanism. SRP allows your affiliates to have their own landing page on your site without them or yourself from having to do anything. The entire process is very automated. Your affiliate's landing page URL would look something like

where 123456 is the unique six digit affiliate ID number. No question mark. No "&" characters. Not only does it look more elegant, it also allows your affiliates to market your site using their own landing page URLs on newsletters, flyers, web sites, etc. With each promotion, your web site URL gets more and more visible.

SRP requires our SRP script (written in PHP) to be installed on your server. Once installed, you can configure your AffiliateShop account to integrate with this SRP script directly. AffiliateShop will post the AID number to this SRP script after a new affiliate has signed up for your affiliate program.

The sequence of events as follow:

  1. Affiliate signs up for your new affiliate program

  2. After the sign up, AffiliateShop will run a HTTP POST to the SRP script installed on your server.

  3. The SRP script will read your template file and create a directory named with the Affiliate ID number.

  4. Your affiliate landing page is created and accessible via the URL format as indicated above.

To access the SRP feature, go to Webmaster Settings.

You can create your own template file (most probably your homepage index.html) which will be read by the SRP script. Hence, each of your affiliate mini sites will have the same content as the template file.

If you have any questions regarding the SRP feature, please contact us.

SRP Renewal New!

This new feature improvement allows merchants to make changes to the template file, and then propagate the changes down to the existing affiliates' directories.
Merchants can follow these steps to update their affiliates' directories:

  1. Make the change to the SRP template file (srptemplate.html).

  2. Log into merchant account. Go to 'Tools'.

  3. Under 'SRP Renew Script Post' the srp post url has to be entered into the 'Post URL'. This url should point to the srp-renew.php script.

  4. The generated Token ID should be copy and pasted into the srp-config.php. This Token ID is required for security, to prevent unauthorized deletion of affiliate directories.

  5. Select either to renew all your active affiliates, or if selected specific affiliates, a multiply select list of active affiliates will be displayed. Renewal of the selected affiliates will begin.

Activating and Installing the SRP script

There is a one time fee of US$195 for activating the SRP feature. What you will get:

  1. The SRP Scripts

  2. Installation of the SRP script

  3. Configuration of the SRP script

  4. Setup your template file

  5. Configuring your AffiliateShop account to interface with this script.

  6. Testing

NOTE: Please ensure that your server can run PHP or ASP script.

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