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2 Tier Affiliate Recruitment Tracking

AffiliateShop allows you to credit a commission to an affiliate for referring a new affiliate to your affiliate program. This kind of marketing model is quite effective in growing your affiliate base. However, care must be taken to ensure that the quality of your affiliate base is maintained.

To enable the tracking of 2 tier affiliate recruitment, you need to create a keyword, called "AIDReferral", in your Keywords page. The value of the keyword will correspond with the commission paid to the parent affiliate for referring a new affiliate pay to your affiliate program.

E.g. if you want to pay $1 for every new affiliate recruited by any of your existing affiliates, you should set the value of AIDReferral to "1" (without the quotes).

The next step is to send to your existing affiliates the link URL to point the new affiliates to your sign up form. The URL should be:

where ###### is the six digit Affiliate ID number of the parent affiliate. The parent affiliate can then publish the above URL on the web site with the aim to recruit new affiliates for your affiliate program.

Whenever there is a new affiliate that signs up through the URL above, the parent affiliate will be credited with the commission defined by the keyword AIDReferral.