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Track external advertisment campaigns, export data, Affiliate Custom fields, summary of affiliates and keywords.

  1. Advertising ROI Tracking: track the performances of their marketing campaigns across various advertising channels.
  2. Summary: view the amount of commissions given out to each affiliate or keyword.
  3. Exporting Information: you can export affiliate and transaction details to csv format.
  4. Affiliate Custom Field: assign a custom field to your affiliates.

1: Advertising ROI Tracking

A merchant can opt to use AffiliateShop to track the performances of their marketing campaigns across various advertising channels.

You can read in-depth instructions on using AffiliateShop to track your advertising campaigns and ROIs.
(Table of Content >> Advanced Features >> Advertising ROI Tracking).

To begin, click on "Create New Ad Campaign", and enter a new campaign. For example, "Overture".

A campaign usually is associated with a media which you are advertising on. Let us say that you are advertising your banners on CNet. So, it is logical to name your campaign "CNet". Or, if you are buying keywords on those Pay Per Click search engines, like Overture, you can name your campaign after the service name; for example, Overture.

After creation, click on "Manage ads" to add a new ad resource to the campaign.

An Ad Resource is associated with an advertising element within the campaign. For example, if you are buying banner ads on CNet, then a Resource would be a banner. If you are running multiple banners on CNet, then each banner is considered an Ad Resource. So, if you have three banners rotating throughout CNet and you would like to track the performance of each, you will then create three Ad Resources under the campaign.

You should see your new Ad Resource being created. Notice that there is a URL that appears just below your newly created Ad Resource. You need to use that as the link code for your Ad Resource.

Using your own domain name for tracking

You can use your own domain name instead of the standard ""

The mechanism is exactly the same as our FlexiLink mechanism. Please read the FlexiLink section and just replace the HTTP Post URL

to the one indicated below:

Variable: AdID

E.g. of a valid Ad FlexiLink format:

<img src="" width="1" height="1">

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2: Summary

In summary, you can view the amount of commissions that are earned by each affiliate, or the commissions are made by each keyword.

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3: Export

AffiliateShop allows you to export data into csv format.
* Due to the sensitive nature of the data, your password is required for every export.

You can export information in 3 ways:

  1. Affiliates: Export ALL your affiliates and their corresponding information.
  2. Transactions: Export ALL the transactions (paid or unpaid).
  3. Paypal: Export all unpaid commissions according to affiliates into a PayPal friendly format.

Transaction export: you can perform a filter of what you want to be exported.

You must select at least one column on the left before exporting. The filter rules can be left blank for filtering to be disabled.

* For Affiliate ID, only one ID can be entered.

PayPal export: you can perform a filter of what you want to be exported.

If you want to export all unpaid transactions, leave the date range blank.

Enter a value if you want to only export affiliates who have reached a certain amount in their commissions owed to them.

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4: Affiliate Custom Field

AffiliateShop allows you to assign an extra custom field for your affiliates.

To activate, just enter the name of the field that you want to record, e.g., Second Email.

"Show this field on your Affiliate Program Registration Page": if flagged to yes your affiliates signing up would be able to fill the field in, and also edit it in their Affiliate Account Center.

"Show this field on the Affiliate Account Center": if flagged to yes your affiliates can only see the field, but cannot edit it. You can edit it in Affiliate Management.

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