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US Probate Leads.

US Probate Leads provides probate data for Real Estate Investors throughout the United States. Our Customers user the leads we provide to identify opportunities in the Probate Real Estate area. At any one point in time there are more than $60B of the residential real estate in probate. The Executor or the estate generally has full authority to sell properties in probate and oft time is in a situation necessitating a quick sale. The executor may live some distance from the property and may find it very difficult to manage the estate. Perhaps the heirs want to cash out and want their money immediately. Many times the executor needs to sell assets to pay on-going bills. Maybe it is simply time to "move on" and selling the property is the right thing to do. This is a great way to identify residential real estate opportunities that are not being worked by other investors. If you offer Real Estate related products to investors or realtors you should consider adding us to your mix. Please contcat us at for more information. We offer products ranging from $180 to $10,000 and customers can purchase one time solutions or subscribe to monthly data. There is a price point for everyone and you can make a nice return by participating in our program.

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